Capoeira Kids

3-5 years Sat 10am
6-11years Wed 9am 
6-11 years Wed 4pm
8-11 years Thurs 9am
8-11 years Sat 11am

5-7years Wed 3pm 
7-11years Tues 9am
5-11 years Fri 4pm
11-16 years Sat 12pm

8-16 years Fri 6pm
11-16 years Wed 4pm
8-16 years (acrobatics) Thurs 6pm

Capoeira Adults

Adults (and 15 years plus):
Monday 6pm
Tuesday 7pm
Wednesday 1:30pm
Wednesday 6pm
Saturday 1pm

Hula Fitness & Pilates

Adults (and 15 years plus):
Hula Fitness:
Monday 5pm
Tuesday 5pm
Wednesday 5pm
Thursday 5pm
Friday 5pm
Saturday 5pm

Tuesday 7pm
Wednesday 12:30pm 
Friday 10am (over 65s)

Links for online classes are updated daily, please email us to find out how to join.