Education and Training

Capoeira Classes

We run 14 weekly classes at the Streatham Capoeira Centre and 15 in outreach locations, for children from 3 years and above through to adult, and for beginners through to advanced level.

Provision is offered as 12-week courses during term-time, and intensive holiday provision during school holidays.

Capoeira Classes are provided by Danca Da Liberdade capoeira professors.

Check out the online timetable here.

Young Capoeira Leader

We support young people who have been training with us for several years to learn to teach, working towards achieving their Junior Instructor belt.  

Experienced young people are invited to participate in regular performances and workshops, to assist with teaching younger/less experienced children and to plan and review provision, including helping with grant applications and project evaluations.

Additional Activities

The Streatham Capoeira Centre and Kennington Park Centre also offer ballet, drama, yoga, pilates, meditation, drum kit and Afro-Brazilian drumming classes for children and adults, run by both UINCAP and external providers. 

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We are also providing online Hula-Fitness classes for teens and adults, Pilates for teens and adults and Pilates for over 65s.
Check-out our online timetable for more details